Silicon valley dating scene

27-Oct-2017 04:15

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It has to do with the fact that many women aren't even actively pursuing relationships to begin with, preferring to focus on careers, graduate school and friendships rather than settling down. That means that the women and men who work in these industries have to make an effort to go out and find those dateable singles, and it's not necessarily effort they're willing to expend.Nancy, 25, said when she's with her male friends and colleagues, the focus is on having a good time, not dating each other."Owing to the ratio, and to a lot of shared interests, we'd rather do something nerdy or adventurous [than go on dates] most of the time," Nancy said."In fact, sometimes [the gender imbalance] makes it harder to find the good guys, because you have to weed through more of the bad ones."On the other end of the spectrum is a subset of club-going men who troll for hookups in bars and are "pushy," according to Kristen.Casey, 23, hypothesized that the gender imbalance is to blame for this behavior: With fewer women around, competition increases, resulting in a higher-than-average proportion of hyper-determined, sexually frustrated men on the prowl."When I go out for the night, there's a pretty high chance that I'm going to get hit on, which is nice, but a lot of times guys can be overly persistent," Casey told But the main reason why Silicon Valley is far from a bachelorette's paradise has nothing to do with the gender ratio.Studies show that college-educated adults, which in 2012 spoke with said there are a lot of smart, successful men in San Jose, and it's not difficult to meet them.In fact, the biggest advantage women cited was the wide variety of men in the city, from "tech nerds" to jocks to career-minded businessmen.

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"The ease of meeting new people makes it easier to be picky.

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