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After the download of the solution file, user needs to go to your CRM server Settings Solutions and hit the Import button.Then user needs to choose the downloaded Woodford solution file to be imported and then just follow the instructions. Woodford is then available from the CRM Settings, under Mobile CRM section If new version is available, user shall get a prompt about updating Woodford.In case the Refresh Metadata fails, increase the Receive Timout registry key.When user runs the Resco Mobile CRM Woodford, they can use the Administration menu to access Mobile Projects management, Mobile Devices management, Mobile Users management, Settings, Logs and About In the main menu, user can manage the selected project, or create new one using the New button.Administration 3.1 Mobile Projects 3.1.1 Project hierarchy 3.1.2 Restore 3.1.3 Recover 3.2 Security 3.2.1 Security Policy 3.2.2 Default Security Policy 3.3 Mobile Users 3.4 Localizations 3.5 Geocoding 3.5.1 Geocoder 3.5.2 Toolbar 3.5.3 Usage 3.6 Plugins (Dyn CRM) 3.6.1 N: N Relationships (Dyn CRM) 3.6.2 Delete (Dyn CRM) 3.6.3 Owner 3.7 Maintenance 3.8 Mobile Reports 3.9 Profile 3.10 Settings 3.11 Logs 3.12 About 3.13 Resco CRM Sync (Dyn CRM) 4.Creating a customization 4.1 Creating a new project 4.1.1 Publishing a project 4.2 Entity 4.2.1 Fields 4.2.2 Best practice when updating, adding metadata (fields, entities) on CRM server 4.2.3 Best practice when disabling field in project 4.2.4 Removing field/option from CRM server 4.3 Setting up a Sync Filter 4.3.1 Linked sync filters (Dyn CRM) 4.4 Views 4.4.1 Creating a Public view 4.4.2 Binding 4.4.3 View Style Editor 4.4.4 Additional View Configuration Buttons Edit filter Edit Sort Edit Search Multi Select Add Image, Add Map Pin Sort Fields and Filter Fields Date Fields 4.4.5 Multiple Views 4.4.6 Advanced View Features Row Scripts Changing style on View dynamically Best practice in renaming a view Editable field (Editable list) Clickable field i Frame Search View Responsive View/List Automatic List/View headers List/View Footer Set view items into grid/columns (display more records in one row) 4.5 Form creation 4.5.1 Contact Information Form 4.5.2 Edit form Advanced filtering Form item options 4.5.3 Form Style Editor 4.5.4 Additional Form objects Iframe Map Frame Prerequisites for the Map, GPS and Geocoding, as well as Update GPS option on custom entity’s form Media tab Form Rules – On Load, On Change, On Save Form Rules Examples – How to make a field required Form Rules Examples – How to dynamically show/hide sections on the edit form Form Rules Examples – How to set a placeholder text on edit form fields Form Rules Examples – How to show information from parent record on child edit form Edit Commands Default commands have the following functionality The Business card scanning feature Custom Commands On Can Execute Examples (Disabling Update GPS command, dynamically disabling Delete command, and disabling Signature on Note attachment form) Can Execute Example Additional options for associated lists Placeholder text Localization approach Edit form Rules approach 4.6 New UI 4.6.1 Hubs How to create a hub Drill down 4.6.2 Flexible forms 4.7 Dashboard 4.7.1 Charts 4.7.2 Creating Dashboard 4.8 Managing entities available on the Mobile CRM application’s Home screen 4.8.1 Home Item’s properties 4.8.2 Home Groups 4.9 Social 4.9.1 Chat 4.9.2 Activity Feeds (Dyn CRM) Prerequisites Setting up Activity Feeds using Woodford 4.10 Branding 4.11Auditing 4.11.1 Auditing on the Server Side (Dyn CRM) Entering Google Maps API key Adding Mobile Audit records on the server form Adding Mobile Audit map on the server form 4.11.2 Auditing in Mobile CRM application 4.12 Images 4.12.1 Changing a standard image 4.12.2 Adding a custom image Colorize 4.12.3 Bulk change/import of custom images – Advanced 4.13 Configuration 4.13.1 Configuration examples 4.13.2 Duplicate detection 4.14 Global Maps 4.15 Calendar 4.15.1 Views 4.15.2 Offline Maps 4.15.3 Constraints 4.15.4 Rules 4.16 Events & Reminders 4.16.1 CRM events in the personal (device’s native) Calendar: Filters 4.16.2 Personal events in the Mobile CRM Calendar: 4.17 Color Themes 4.18 Documents (External Document/File Integration) on Drop Box, Google Drive and Share Point 4.18.1 Share Point Integration sever side prerequisites (Dyn CRM) 4.18.2 Share Point Integration 4.18.3 External Document Sync filter options 4.19 Business Process Flow (CRM 2013 and later) 4.20 Favorites 4.21 PIM Integration 4.21.1 Google integration (Gmail, Calendar) 4.21.2 Exchange integration (Email, Calendar, Contact) 4.21.3 Sending Invitations 4.22 Route Planning 4.22.1 Route Planning Events 4.23 Tutorial in Mobile CRM app’s About 4.24 Inspections & configuration in Dynamics 5.

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Before we start the customization 2.1 Prerequisites 2.2 Download or Install?

Third section describes the administration possibilities. How project administration works, maintaining the security policies, license administration and other Woodford’s possibilities.

Fourth section shows how to create a project and what the customizations available for using Woodford are.

Advanced Topic 5.1 Filtered Lookup 5.2 Barcode scanner functionality 5.3 Examples of advanced options 5.3.1 List and Form Images Available for all CRM backends List/View picture from Note Default and Editable List/View Images Edit Form picture from Note Available only for CRM 2013 and later Entity image on View Entity image on Contact Information Form Entity Image on Edit form 5.3.2 Custom Map Pins 5.4 Mobile Apps 5.4.1 External (Portal) User project 5.4.2 Appointments on Global Map (Appointment entity does not have GPS fields) 5.4.3 E-mail attachments 5.4.4 Form items icon and name changes Icon changes Localization of the tab name 5.5 Planner Controller and Field Service 6.

Communication with external application 6.1 Mobile CRM app URL Schema example 7 Offline HTML with Java Script Resco Mobile CRM Woodford Guide explains how to customize the Resco Mobile CRM application and deploy the customizations to the mobile device.When the Woodford is launched, a registration dialog pops up.