Park shin hye and jung yong hwa dating 2016

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Donations were given to the Beautiful Store, whose chairman Myunghee Hong visited the set on January 11, 2015, for a ceremony with cast.Also in December, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was "inspired by popular TV show Abnormal Summit on cable channel JTBC" and scheduled an "informal round-table meeting" with ten foreign residents for February 2015.

In September, KOCCA said the show "runs a fierce debate on Korean culture" and "their speeches frequently become a hot issue among young viewers, sometimes for being too radical and sometimes too conservative.

"Youth Without Borders"; or the United Nations, or G11, and is hosted by Jun Hyun-moo "Chairman", Yoo Se-yoon "Secretary General", and Sung Si-kyung "Chairman", with guest appearances by South Korean celebrities, guest "representatives", who announce the weekly topics.

The stated mission: "The youth group, without borders, Non-Summit, is a variety show, that strives for peace and security, for the world's youth, by speaking on agendas, and debating with abnormals, who insist they're representatives." Host Yoo Se-yoon said their new show would go a step further than getting to know one another's cultures, and would include problem solving, coming up with "what's better, together." Lim said the show's in-depth discussions made fluency in Korean the number one standard for casting the global guests.

In the beginning of June 2016, media announced cast (and production) changes expected for Episode 103, with nine members leaving - Zhang, Rasch and Okyere, (on the show from Episode 1), Lindemann (joined on Episode 5) and Krompiec, Gorito, Johnsen, Rashad El Baz and Varsakopoulos (joined on Episode 53).

After the new cast were introduced on Episode 103, subsequent episodes no longer previewed starring cast members.

However, viewers can at least think of both sides of opinions." KOCCA credits the show for not just including "white people from advanced countries" that Koreans are already familiar with, but also inviting guests from diverse countries with varied cultures.