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07-Feb-2018 00:58

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You are going to have items you are not going to want to part with because no matter how much you dislike it, it was your grandma that gave it to you.

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Minimalism is the perfect way to combat this craze and help bring peace and fulfillment to people´s lives.

Imagine our system didn’t have an anti-virus (awareness).

As a result, the virus would seep in and reprogram your system to add new files (new watches, clothing, jewelry, etc.) at random times on its own (impulse purchases).

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions (except for #3), then you should probably sell, donate or trash the item.

This is usually intense and makes you feel like a loser at being a minimalist at first, but it’s really just part of the journey.I take pride in getting ready in 15 minutes and looking great for the day ahead of me.