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However, I have never seen a book where the font size suddenly jumped, where the font face suddenly changed, where indentations were all over the place or where paragraph adjustment switched from justified to left aligned halfway through a paragraph.Since the dawn of e Books, however, these things have become prevalent, and, what’s more worrisome, is the fact that too many authors this seems to be completely acceptable.Sure, anyone can write a document in a word processor, run it through some export tool, use a fully automated conversion utility or peruse the services of an online service, but the sad fact of the matter is that none of these approaches typically results in, what I call, production-level digital books. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and observing how other authors approach their e Book publishing, and the more I examined it, the more I have noticed that there are generally two reasons for it.The first reason is that many authors simply don’t know any better.Over the next couple of weeks, I will post different installments on this blog to show you how you, too, can get to state-of-the-art, professional-looking e Books that work perfectly on any e Book reader in the market, taking the guesswork out of creating your final product. If you want to keep up with my e Book formatting work, don’t forget to subscribe to my Newsletter.That way I can keep you updated about the latest developments, updates to my books, code snippets, techniques and formatting tips.

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However, one thing I cannot forgive is poor e Book formatting, particularly if it is to the point that it becomes distracting from the actual reading experience, and sadly I have seen too many of these in recent memory.

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To me, one of the key elements that sets apart a professional e Book release from that of an amateur has always been the technical presentation of the book.

They write their book, complete it and look for the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to deploy it. It is a sad testimony in my opinion, and certainly not a valid excuse.

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You have labored over your book for months, maybe even years, you have read and re-read it countless times, cleaned out typos and grammatical errors, massaged the style and worked on the structure, grinding away in the wee hours of the night alongside holding a daytime job and maybe having a family.I hope strip HTML will make the everyday easier for people working with web, text, and HTML.

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