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Four weeks later, I received an email message that they had located someone in Hungary who wanted to distribute the product.An Oregon agriculture department official needed blueberry production statistics by country ASAP, so I queried the FAO's (Food and Agriculture Organization) Library Bulletin Service ([email protected] IRMFAO01 -- no longer available).He spent over an hour telling me about the how PC-File could be used for cataloging, its advantages and disadvantages.I haven't received answers to all the questions I've posted, nor have I found every piece of software I've looked for, but the cases listed above were enough to make the Internet a regular research tool for me.A more involved research project I worked on was about airborne videography.I made extensive use of interest groups to find contacts, potential customers and competitors, and background information for the project. It can be bookmarked, saved as a html file and run from your computer, or be printed out for use as a hard copy reference tool.(It is 110k, and about 31 pages printed.) The first thing to understand about research is that there is a reason that it is called RE - search.

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Doing research is kind of like being a treasure hunter, ferreting out clues here and there that finally lead to the hidden treasure -- the information you want.Keep in mind that the Internet is just one tool that can or should be used.