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19-Dec-2017 16:25

Most young adults today have hypertension because of the new lifestyles not only in call centers but other online jobs or career or just even entertainment and pleasure brought by the new technologies.

People now are also becoming lazy to cook their own healthy food and turn to fast foods all the time.

On wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and other unforgettable occasions.

You will also need a computer and a photo editing software to enhance the photos you created.

To register for GCASH, type Make sure that your First Name and Last Name match the information that appears in any valid ID of yours. After you’ve registered, you will need to load your mobile wallet with GCASH. It is done at a Globe Center or at any accredited GCASH partner.

GCASH has a maximum transaction limit of P40,000 per day and a maximum transaction limit of P100,000 per month (both for incoming and outgoing transactions).

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If you are an OFW, it’s a fact that working abroad is not permanent and unless you plan to migrate to that country, like for example, in Canada a promise land to many Filipinos and where many have already migrated to escape poverty in this country, you should also be thinking on how to invest your hard earned money through a business.

Another example is the factories that are built to produce the new gadgets and products for the new technologies.

If you only know how polluted is in China now that people near the industrial zones have to wear filter mask or pollution mask just to breath clean air.

a good training is also required and of course a talent for taking good shots.

There are various ways this business can offer services.

2) Online selling business – online selling doesn’t require anyone to be a computer geek in order to sell online.

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