Validating nursing skills

10-Oct-2017 11:07

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Many definitional and methodological issues evolve from these assumptions.

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Employers of nursing graduates assume that the nursing degree and the state licensure certify competent performance.While the assessment of competent practice in the service sector has received considerable attention the past 25 years, the implementation of competency assessment models in nursing education has moved at a much slower pace.Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine selected assessment methods designed to accurately document competence within the context of escalating and changing needs in education and practice.Competency-based education has been found to be equally effective in both didactic and self-learning approaches (Lenburg, 1990; Schlomer, Anderson, & Shaw, 1997).

Alspach (1984) presents hallmarks of competency-based education that make them applicable both in practice and in educational settings.However, defining what it is and teaching students how to perform competently faces many challenges.