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L.182-2009, SECTION 28.(26) The following statutes relating to appropriations for personal services: P. L.182-2009, SECTION 29.(27) The following statutes authorizing the withholding of allotments of appropriations: P. L.182-2009, SECTIONS 9, 11, and 12.(10) The following statutes relating to payment of utility bills and other claims at the end of a state fiscal year: P.

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L.182-2009, SECTION 17.(15) The following statutes relating to the deposit of money received as a result of casualty losses to the state: P. Notwithstanding the inclusion in the Indiana Code of provisions relating to process, practice, procedure, or appeals that have been superseded by rules of court, those provisions have only such force as they had before the enactment of the Indiana Code. Punishments, penalties or forfeitures may be imposed and enforced as if this Code had not been enacted. The general assembly may preserve the legislative history of this subsection by adoption of a concurrent resolution and publication of the resolution in the legislative journals.(B) If any SECTION, legislative district, or other provision of P. L.224-2003 is found by a court with jurisdiction to be in violation of Article 4, Section 23 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana, it is the intent of the general assembly that the provision be given general application. However, such a statute expires on the expiration date provided in the statute.(b) An act of the general assembly that repeals IC 1-1-1-2, IC 1-1-1-2.1, or another section of this chapter has the effect of repealing all the statutes listed in IC 1-1-1-2, IC 1-1-1-2.1, or that section of this chapter, whichever is applicable. These descriptive headings are intended for organizational purposes only and are not intended to affect the meaning, application or construction of the statute they precede. This Code does not affect rights, privileges, or liabilities accrued, remedies provided, duties imposed, penalties incurred, or proceedings begun before the effectiveness of this Code. All actions, proceedings, and prosecutions, whether civil or criminal, for causes arising or acts committed before the effectiveness of this Code, may be commenced and prosecuted as if this Code had not been enacted. If any provision or application of a statute is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect the remainder of the statute unless:(1) the remainder is so essentially and inseparably connected with, and so dependent upon, the invalid provision or application that it cannot be presumed that the remainder would have been enacted without the invalid provision or application; or This subsection applies to every statute, regardless of whether enacted before or after the passage of this subsection. Section 2 of this chapter does not repeal a statute described in section 1 of this chapter that expires after June 30, 2011. Section 2 of this chapter does not repeal either P. L.21-1990, SECTION 60 (the latter statute amending the former statute) (concerning the change of fiscal years by a holding company or regulated financial corporation). L.182-2009, SECTION 20.(18) The following statutes requiring the approval of the budget agency for repairs to state buildings: P.

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L.182-2009, SECTION 21.(19) The following statutes concerning the interpretation of statutory annual or continuing appropriations: P.

L.182-2009, SECTION 26.(24) The following statutes requiring allotment of federal funds received by the state: P.

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