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The thing that was really cool is they talked about our ministry. They asked us questions about our music and our image.” Without a trace of pausing to catch her breath Alyssa continues, “That is something that we speak a lot about anyway.(We speak) to kids about the whole image conscious culture that we are in right now.

During the past twelve months Barlow Girl has been featured on the Today Show twice, a feature story by Associated Press was picked up by news agencies throughout the United States and a two-page spread about the Barlow sisters appeared in Sophisticates Hairstyle a top fashion magazine.

We still feel that way three and one half years later.

As a family we have made a little pact together that if we ever start to think that popularity is more important than the message then we’re going to quit.” Once again her thoughts are echoed but this time by the youngest member of the family drummer Lauren Barlow.

By midsummer of this year i Tunes alone had recorded more than 150,000 downloads of the hit single “Let Go”.

The enhanced CD contains five new cuts including acoustic versions of “On My Own”, “Porcelain Heart” and “I Need You To Love Me”.Rebecca lays aside her Fender telecaster and Gretsch guitars to play an acoustic guitar.